Carpet and Chair Shampooing

With increasing pollution everywhere, it is common for dust particles and dirt to settle on furniture at workplaces. Besides, leaving deep stains, dust mites, and allergens on carpets and chairs can pose a serious health hazard, leaving your employees and guests vulnerable to respiratory issues like asthma.

Ancile offers pocket-friendly, efficient carpet and chair shampooing services to corporate firms and individuals, helping you achieve the desired cleanliness within no time. We have skilled, well-trained professionals conversant with the latest know-how on various cleaning techniques.

We use the best eco-friendly foam-based shampooing solutions for scrubbing the furniture clean of pollutants and removing stains while taking care to remove the excess water through vacuuming. Our cleaning experts are trained to give you a superior cleaning experience while ensuring minimal disruptions to your routine work.

Chauffeur Service

A chauffeur service always adds a special touch to your travelling experience, be it for business or pleasure. Ancille’s chauffeur services are professional, efficient, and flexible, giving you the opportunity to relax while you travel in comfort and style.

What makes our service unique is that we provide the flexibility to clients to be in charge of their schedule, letting them book, cancel or change rides as per their convenience. Our drivers have appropriate licenses, are well-behaved and courteous, and are committed to making your ride enjoyable.

We have the best options for your every need, whether you need a pickup from the airport or want to attend a business meeting in your luxury vehicle. Our chauffeurs will focus on providing you with a stress-free ride to your destination in the quickest time possible.

Office Design and Transformation

Ancile provides premium office design and transformation services to boost the aesthetics of your workplace and give it the perfect professional look. Our professionals understand that your office is unique in all aspects and needs to reflect your personality and work culture. We use innovative methods to develop your office design that syncs with your needs and vision.

Our highly-experienced office designers use their expertise to create a workplace that lets you optimally use every inch of your space. We discuss with your team to create customized plans to perfectly accommodate all your people, furniture, and materials within the given space.