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About Ancile Facility Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Welcome To Ancile Facility Solutions Pvt Ltd

We are Ancile , your property guardians.
Started as a typical housekeeper and security guardproviders back in 2013 but now transformed them in to becoming a proud GUARDIANS who are efficient, tech-friendly , most importantly take pride in what they do. Guardians of ancile have been offering invaluable solutions to various sectors across by going out of their comfort zone and delivery unparalleled services keeping spaces well maintained , safe and hygienic.

Our services are highly flexible and fully customizable to the clients’ needs. We act as guardians and play the role of caretakers for our clients by even doing things that are not within our scope.

Do Security and Safety Always Worry You?

Do you face the following?

  • Is your premises located in a high-risk area?
  • Do valuable assets at your office premises bother you at midnight?
  • Do you feel anxious about visitors entering your premises?
  • Does corporate theft news scare the hell out of you?
  • Are your security guards not performing to their fullest?
  • Does the cost of maintaining security systems haunt you?
  • Do you worry that your untidy office will create a bad impression on visitors?
  • Do you experience manpower and guards crunch?
  • Worried about hiring untrained or unverified guards and housekeeping staff?
  • Is multiple vendor management a hassle?

Do not worry! All businesses go through security anxiety issues!

Here is how we will take care of your security troubles

  • Our highly-trained guardians are equipped with new security-based technologies to keep your premises guarded at all times.
  • Once learnt, our guards know which visitor to direct to what route and specific personnel to meet within the office.
  • Advanced CCTV systems with real-time surveillance to take precautionary measures before any mishap happens.
  • Training to handle specialized equipment to combat any security situation
  • Our housekeeping specialists will transform your office by tidying it professionally, creating a fantastic impression on your guests
  • In-house recruitment team and strong bench strength - we do approximately 200 daily interviews and evaluations regularly (365 days)
  • We have a robust training infrastructure and an in-house background verification team
  • Our in-house security guards and housekeepers make us a one-point contact service partner, enabling us to provide allied guardians as well


Industry Experience


Staff Strength



Who We Are



Integrity and Humility

Discipline & Orderliness

Ancile Motto

Come forth to help gracefully

Ancile Philosophy

To do one’s best to help without expectation of results

The Ancile Culture

Serve clients & fellow team members first.

To have gratitude and respect toward all humans and other living beings.

To observe discipline and orderliness

Awards & Reconigition


We Provide Services for a Huge Number of Customers

Jigar Shah

When it comes to security system or house keeping, I trust only 1 name.. Ancile. Shyam Tiwari is best person to work with.

Preeti Moghe

For all security services and facility management trust you Shyam Tiwari and Ancile.. You guys are the best choice.

Mangesh Karekar

Very much professional, structured and latest technology methods adopted in their services.

Manisha Satwilkar

This is the great experience with all the my team mate and my Boss. They give me lots of the knowledge about our management systems as well as out of my field. I enjoyed it very well. Our Company provide good services to the customer all time and our staff are very friendly and always punctual.

Aishraf Bagwan

I have been working here since three years.and I can say this is amazing company.i have learned lots of from here.Great growth opportunities, amazing work culture, Awesome appraisals and lots of perks. You grow with the company. Great Team member and quick promotions. A great place to work in overall.

Rajveer Singh

I have been using the cleaning company for over 5 months, where I have a lovely cleaner who is reliable and does a great job on our society . I'm really happy with the service that's been provided and happy to recommend.

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