Top-notch security for Banks and Financial Institutions backed by cutting-edge technology

As security threats become more sophisticated, banks and other financial institutions need to step up their security management system. With our rich experience in corporate security, we provide the highest level of security, deploying professionals experienced in banking and finance, mitigating the risks, and letting our clients run their businesses stress-free. Our guardians are conversant with the finance sector’s latest threats and trends and are equipped to respond appropriately during threat situations.

The Best Place to meet all your Bank-related Security Needs!

Ancile has the ideal solutions for all your bank-related security issues

Ancille’s strength lies in its strong team of trained, experienced professionals with rich experience working for prestigious banks and financial services.

Our tech-friendly guardians are adept at handling all emergencies with proficiency and competency. They maintain a daily activities log, prepare professionally written reports, and maintain other registers as required. Our guardians will intercept every suspicious vehicle and person entering the premises and investigate unusual incidents. The bank security solutions we offer also include armed security personnel to guard cash vans and trained guards for safeguarding ATMs and currency chests.