Office Boy

Ancile provides well-trained, hardworking office boys who act as helping hands with guardians approach by performing routine tasks and reducing the load for other employees. Our tech-friendly office boys will be indispensable to your organization, saving their precious time and letting them focus on other core tasks. We ensure that the candidates we offer are well-experienced and can be relied on for their punctuality and efficiency.

Our office boys will diligently perform their duties, whether taking prints, copies, or scans, maintaining records or registers, or making outdoor visits to banks, clients, or vendors. We even provide value-added services like ensuring you get a reliever if the office boy is absent, Our hands-on training ensures that your office boys understand your work culture, look professional, and have pleasing manners.

Pantry Boy

Ancile provides well-trained, groomed, and tech-friendly pantry boys to corporate firms and other establishments. We select pantry boys with the utmost care, ensuring they are trustworthy and providing them with hands-on training in hygiene aspects.

Our professional, well-trained, and uniformed pantry boys will ensure they uphold the image of your office, impressing visitors with their manners.

The pantry boys will promptly and efficiently perform all assigned duties, like attending to visitors and offering them water and beverages like tea or coffee. They will be conversant with all food pantry policies and procedures and maintain the highest levels of hygiene.

Electrician - MST staff

Ancile provides a comprehensive range of electrical services to take care of all the electrical work at your workplace, whether it is to fit a light, repair a power socket or fuse, or change the wiring.

Our skilled and reliable electricians will offer their services at a convenient time without disrupting your office routines. We also offer essential maintenance services at affordable rates, ensuring your office is safe at all times with no dangers of short circuits or overloads. Our electricians will have perfect solutions for all your electrical problems and, through high-quality workmanship, will strive to meet and exceed your expectations.


Ancile offers well-trained, tech-friendly reception specialists who can impress your clients with professionalism every day. The well-groomed staff we supply will be polite and knowledgeable and understand the significance of a great first impression for your business.
Our reception staff will enthusiastically welcome and greet your visitors, answer phone calls, schedule and confirm appointments, and provide the best customer service.

Ancille’s hands-on training to the reception staff on all aspects ensures that they represent your organization intelligently and reliably. Our reception specialists will even help you maintain your personal calendar, ensuring you do not miss your appointments.

We offer the best services by ensuring complete training entailing the best practices for an exceptional reception service.

Pest Control

Ancile provides hassle-free, efficient pest management services to protect your commercial premises, products, and goods. Our pest control team ensures they follow every quality, health, and safety regulation with the use of odour-free, eco-friendly products wherever possible. Ancille’s experienced team, first visits your facility, understands your concerns assesses the intensity of the infested areas, and offers pest control solutions tailored to your needs.

Our services cover all pests, including cockroaches, termites, and rodents, and with regular inspections, we ensure your space is pest-free year-round. Our pest control team will conduct their service at your convenient time, ensuring only minimal disruptions to your routine office work.